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The Making of Skyrim: A Hero’s Tale

by Matthew F. Hibben

Recently I began a new type of gaming project, related to Skyrim, an original story to be produced using the in-game engine.  The story is to unfold as Episodes in video format, so for this Game Tech article I want to touch upon elements of the plot and technical movie-making elements, both current and planned.

The Story

The story itself will revolve around events in the Dragonborn’s life that are referenced during gameplay.  Something I always wondered about while playing Skyrim is what led to the player being in Helgen (the town in the game’s introduction).  So beyond giving a story that travels back before the events of Skyrim, including those of the Hero’s childhood, I also wanted to create a background story that would explain motives.  In this series our hero has lost loved ones, thus creating a motive past that of simply “being” the Dragonborn.  It’s my feeling that being the Dragonborn isn’t enough to set out to tackle every evil, that our hero needed some very traumatic events that aren’t in the game to explain this.  The story is planned to unfold over a series of episodes, that both incorporate storylines the player may have already experienced, as well as creating new ones.

Elements in A Hero’s Tale

A Hero’s Tale includes both original sound creation and writing.  I’ve seen a lot of great Videos made based on a number of games, but it seems they always pull their audio from other sources.  One of the main focuses of Episode 1 was creating the musical score.  In addition to the audio work most of my effort went into the scripting of events.

Moving Forward

Moving forward with the project there are many unique plot and visual elements I plan on introducing, which will require modding and voice overs. This will allow me to create many unique encounters and plot variations, and thus be able to tell a more effective story visually.  It is my hope that the visual, musical and story elements will come together and grow from episode to episode. 

Skyrim: A Hero's Tale, Episode 1

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