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SWTOR – Legacy System Revealed

By Matthew F. Hibben

In December 2011 SWTOR was released and with it came the Legacy system.  Not much was known at the start what the system would become aside from a last name and some companion quest dialog.  Earlier this week BioWare released info regarding the up and coming content for patch 1.2, much of which expanded upon the Legacy system.  This Game Tech article goes over the new features and analyzes what these features can bring to the table for SWTOR players.

Cross Class Abilities

One of the main features of the info released regarding the Legacy expansion is being able to use abilities from other classes.  This from a lore standpoint is enriching in the sense that a player’s characters will pass on abilities to other members of the Legacy, in much the same way skills are passed from members in real life families.  From the technical standpoint of a player’s character, this greatly expands the character skill set.   What cross-class abilities bring to the table for players from a functionality standpoint is a means to round out ability sets that a given class may be lacking, such as the means for a Sith Juggernaut to do more AOE (area of effect) damage.

From the Legacy UI shown in the example it seems to be a mix and match type system based upon a collective skill set of the player’s collective Legacy, further encouraging players to play multiple classes as a means to both explore new storylines as well as to inherit from these characters their Legacy traits.  The big potential downside of this new development is that content may eventually become tuned around system, thus requiring players to level multiple classes in order to stay competitive in the Ops environment. 

Players being required to level specific classes, every player using the same abilities, as well as the potential for class uniqueness to be damaged are all potential dangers associated with the Legacy Traits system.

Legacy Perks

In addition to the class based Legacy features, there are up and coming changes to ship functionality and character creation.  Players will be able to have personal training dummies, a system known to WOW players as a means to test out various combinations of abilities known as rotations.  Players through the Legacy system will also unlock additional race options for classes, including cross faction race options. 

The Legacy system being greatly expanded is an exciting development.  With 1.2 players will gain these Legacy features and much more, including new Operations, Flashpoints, Warzones, and UI customization.  Please check back with us when 1.2 arrives as I explore the intricacies of the Legacy system as well as all the new content scheduled for the Legacy system as well as other new content to be released.

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