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SWTOR Legacy Patch 1.2 First Look

By Matthew F. Hibben

Patch 1.2 for Star Wars: The Old Republic went live Thursday 4/12/12 and with it came a huge array of features.  Titled the “Legacy” patch, 1.2 brings an expanded Legacy system, new Operations, Flashpoints and more.  This Game Tech article will focus on some of the highlights players can delve into with 1.2.

The Legacy System

The Legacy system for SWTOR came with the game’s release, however in the initial state is was merely a last name that carried over across all of the player’s characters on the same server.  The Legacy system in 1.2 is now very fleshed out, bringing players a huge array of cross character perks and features to explore.  The Legacy system as it stands is really a theme of inheritance, with each character brought to maturity, adding to the stature of the next character the player creates.

Players now rolling new characters will receive perks, such as new cross-class buffing, improved presence stats, bonuses for each companion brought to peak affection, and also carry-overs from dark and light side standings.

Below is a video showing some of the highlights of Legacy system.


In addition to the features shown in the video for the Legacy system, are what are called inheritance items.  These items are similar to Heirloom items, but in a very limited capacity.  There are now new inheritance items (tokens) that higher characters can acquire which can be sent to any character within your Legacy, including cross faction.  These items sadly do not scale like Heirlooms do in WOW, but they are still descent items, that are well itemized for their level.

The Legacy Vendors that sell these pieces and many others, including custom type bracers and belts, are available in Kaas City on Dromund Kass.

New Operation and Flashpoint

A new Operation and Flashpoint are both introduced with 1.2.  Explosive Conflict is the new Operation for 1.2 set on the planet Denova, with players pitted against the Warlord Kephess and his Trandoshan horde.  The new Operation also introduced a new difficulty system, with only 2 modes, story mode and hard mode.  The story mode for Explosive Conflict is tuned somewhere between hard-mode and nightmare-mode EV.

The new Flashpoint for 1.2 is a continuation of the last new 4-man Kaon Under Siege and is called Lost Island.  Once again players are tasked with stopping the Rakghoul plague outbreak in the Tion Hegemony.  The 4-man is tuned to be the most difficult of the HMFPs. 

Video for the new Operations in 1.2 "Explosive Conflict"


UI Changes

Some really nice UI changes came with 1.2, including a new UI editor and some cosmetic features.  The new UI editor feature allows players to completely customize their GUI interface and also includes some new features like target of target.

In addition to the interface changes are changes from a cosmetic standpoint.  Players can now access a new feature called Unify Color, which gives players the ability to change the color of their gear look based on what color chest piece they are wearing.  This change is made in the character tab and also allows easy access to the hide helm feature and force corruption effects.

The Harder They Fall

The release of 1.2 was marred by some pretty big bugs that eventually led to the servers being taken down a few times for emergency maintenance.  Even with these problems with the release of 1.2, I still feel the patch is a great step forward for SWTOR and shows that the game is here to stay and well supported from a content standpoint.

To read the full patch notes on 1.2 visit

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