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SWTOR – Credits Guide

By Matthew F. Hibben

In Star Wars: The Old Republic (SWTOR) credits are the currency used.  Credits are used on the Galactic Trade Network (GTN) to buy and sell goods, to purchase perks through the newly expanded Legacy system, and to purchase various items from NPC’s.  This Game Tech article will detail various ways players can cash in and acquire the credits they need from a variety of standpoints.

The Dailies

Tried and true, Dailies (repeatable quests that reset once per day) have been a mainstay for players in many MMO’s.  Dailies offer players a regimented way to earn credits as well as other in-game assets. For the purpose of this article I focus on the Daily Commendation Dailies that are available on the planets Ilum, Belsavis, and newly added Corellia.  What makes these Dailies a great return on a players time investment is that not only do they reward a descent amount of credits per quest but also reward what are called Daily Commendations, which players can spend on BOE (bind on equip or trade-able) Rakata pieces.  Players doing these dailies will earn approximately 200k credits per day as well 30 commendations give or take.  With 120 daily Commendations players can buy Rakata Implants which sell (depending on the server) for 200k-400k currently. With the adjustments made for selling Rakata pieces players will earn around 1million credits per 4 day period, and this does not take into account any trash drops or gathering, which would further add to this total.

Please refer to my article for a detailed list of quests and rewards.  Please note that some quests have had their mechanics changed, and this article does not reflect the newly added quests on Corellia.

The upside to Dailies is that players know what to expect and have a very precise understanding of the return, but the downside of course is that doing the same quests day in and day out becomes boring and is rightly referred to as the grind.


Crafting has always been a good way to earn credits for me in SWTOR.  Just like anything driven by supply and demand, the items sought after change. 

In the early days of release I made small fortunes on  Reverse Engineer items. As the months have passed most RE patterns have lost much of their appeal, and new items made through crafting have come to take their place.  It is important to read patch notes on various changes made to the game.  The hot items now may not be the hot items a month from now, due both to the inevitable saturation of the market as well as changes to mechanics and the introduction of new items.  It is important to read patch notes on upcoming changes as this can often gives players a huge leg up on knowing what the next hot items will be.

Currently the hot ticket items are what are called augmented items, and a recent change to crafting has added augment slots to many previously restricted items as well as adding new recipes for creating the augments themselves.  These new items sold for hugely inflated prices during the introduction of patch 1.2, and have since begun to stabilize, further illustrating a great opportunity for players that jumped on that production band wagon early.

Events and Patches

I already stated that there is value in keeping up to date on patch notes, as a means of tracking trends in various items that can be bought or sold. 

Good places to find information on upcoming patch notes and changes are:

Legacy Characters

Leveling new characters, also known as “alts”, is part of the new Legacy system.  Players receive perks for reaching level 50 as a specific race and class, and maxing out affection on companions.  In addition to these Legacy incentives, players leveling alts can also make some sizeable credits.  I found that leveling an alt is will earn you around 1 million credits by the time you hit 50, if you are leveling through planetary quest lines.  It is important to note that you do not want to buy any speeder training past the level 25 version as this is a huge chunk of credits (more than half of that 1million would go towards it), and being an alt you really should never miss it.  Now of course simply doing dailies or other activities would net more credits for the time invested, but for players seeking an alternative path, as well as an incentive to expand their Legacy, this is a good balance.
For players leveling cross faction with their Legacy alts, these credit gains can be used toward purchasing those pricey unlocks that carry over across all characters.

As you can see there are many ways to earn credits in SWTOR.  Some methods of earning credits take more planning than others, while some simply take dedication.  The specific means by which players earn credits in the game will change over time, but I hope this guide helps players forecast these changes and capitalize on them.

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