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Dragon Age 2: Legacy - Downloadable Expansion

Cost - $10.00

by Matthew F. Hibben

Hawke is back once again as BioWare releases a new DLC (downloadable content) expansion for DA2.  This week's Game Tech article reviews DA2's Legacy "Expansion".

Putting Things in Perspective

First I wanted to make mention that this is actually DA2's second DLC in that I consider "The Exiled Prince" to be the first.  Both Legacy and TEP are meaningful additions to the DA2 world. Think of these more as new chapters in a book rather than sequels.

Legacy at First Glance

The purchase and patching of Legacy is as usual with BioWare a trouble free and straightforward process.  Legacy is a new set of missions that can be played during the Main campaign of DA2.  The main character Hawke discovers a new addition to the Hawke estate, a statue, which enables players to move to the new unlocked content.  The new territory is an old Grey Wardens complex that holds an ancient evil.  Following some cut-scenes, which give some initial background  into the role Hawke will play out in this new content, players are ready to explore the new dungeon.

Legacy's Features

Legacy, however short lived it was, had many great points to it.  The new enemy types have some great scripting and are in general very cool.  Monsters in particular are the Genlocks which occasionally are equipped with large siege shields that will batter the party while taking very little damage.  In addition to the revamped bestiary are the new puzzles in Legacy which will offer players some real challenges to figure out.  A new class-specific weapon that is upgradeable is also available to players in the dungeon.

Strongest Points

The story that unfolds in Legacy is quite rich and something I consider one of the strongest points of the new DLC.  Slightly overshadowing the story is the boss fight at the end of the mission. I don't want to give anything away before players have a chance to tackle Legacy, but I will say the final boss fight was both challenging and fun.  Reflecting on the final boss fight in DA2 I would describe it as equally "epic" feeling but much more difficult.

Weakest Points

The weakest point for me in Legacy really dealt with the length and how short it was.  I completed the full mission and all achievements within 3 hours.  I felt disappointed, not because of cost, but because I wish there had been more content of that caliber to experience.  Looking at the cost, it's similar to the average cost of a movie, and keep in mind most players, myself included, will play this multiple times over the multiple classes.  My other complaint with Legacy is the achievements associated to it and the lack of any additional criteria for completing them other than completing the mission.  Each achievement in Legacy has criteria, but a player will complete all of them with minimal effort simply by following the quest arrow and being alert. 

Legacy offers DA fans a glimpse as to what DA2 is capable of, and Legacy alathough short is densely packed with rich story and solid gameplay.

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