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SWTOR: Crew Skills Guide Update

by Matthew F. Hibben

Back in January I wrote a guide about the SWTOR Crew Skill system, and much has happened since.  Items creation in an evolving game like SWTOR is constantly changing just as features change or become expanded upon.  This Game Tech article explores the Crew Skill system from the perspective of the latest changes and trends in production.  This guide is written from the Sith Empire perspective, and I urge players to refer to my Crew Skills Guide for clarification on some concepts that are not touched on in this article.

Legacy Additions

The Legacy system in the past few months has been expanded, and these changes have affected Crew Skills.  The Legacy additions are broken down into global unlocks and Character Perks.  Global unlocks are Legacy features that affect all of a player’s characters within the Legacy, while Character Perks affect the specific character within a Legacy.

The Legacy unlock related to crew skills is the Repair Droid.  The Legacy Unlock costs 1 million credits to unlock the droid, which becomes available for use on your ship near your Cargo Bay.  Once unlocked the droid will buy items, repair your gear, and most importantly sell Sensor Units which give your Protocol Droid a wide variety of Crew Skill bonuses.  In addition to the new Sensor units available to your Protocol Droid is the ability to raise its affection level through gift giving, and I would also like to add that these Sensor Units are bound to Legacy and can be freely traded within your Legacy.

Character Perks are related to the Legacy system in the sense that you need a specific Legacy level to purchase unlocks, however Perks affect only the character they are purchased on.  The Perk specifically valuable for Crew Skills is called Legacy of Crafting and has three purchasable ranks with each rank raising the player’s critical chance rate with Crew Skills.  Legacy of Crafting 1 is 50,000 credits, rank 2 is an additional 100,000, and rank 3 is another 200,000.  For clarification on the effects of Legacy of Crafting please read over this DEV post .

I recommend anyone making items for the GTN to at least purchase rank 1of this perk, as a critical result will pay for itself very fast, and players making any big ticket items such as the new Denova items to purchase all 3 ranks, as a critical result is worth serious money.

To a lesser extent another Perk that is valuable to Crew Skills is Legacy of Altruism, which also has 3 ranks, with each rank giving a +10% bonus to companion gift effects.  I recommend getting rank 1 as it is only 10,000 credits which are easily recouped.

Companion Affection

Companion Affection for a long while had misinformation surrounding what exactly it affected, so much so that the purpose is now stated during load screens. Increasing amounts of Companion Affection will both decrease completion times and increase the chance of critical success.  Players looking to max their critical chance rate will want to max out there affection with various crew members.

Crew Skills and Classes

Certain classes in SWTOR have a leg up over others when it comes to Crew Skills of various types, based on the differences of each class’s crew makeup.  This difference in terms of what crew members gain bonuses to what profession is somewhat alleviated in some cases due to new Sensor Unit, but is still relevant.


Bounty Hunters are a tech user class that gain direct benefit from Armormech items like the BOP Rakata belts and bracers and augments, as well as a special case with Biochem.  Bounty Hunters are the only class with a crew member receiving a critical bonus to Biochem, and none of the Sensor Units provide a bonus to Biochem critical.  While I am a firm believer that main characters should always go with whatever Crew Skill the player has the most “fun” with, and leave the more pragmatic Crew Skill layouts to “Alts” I would strongly urge Bounty Hunters to capitalize on this.


Imperial Agents are a tech user class that gain direct benefit from Armormech items as well as having the only crew member that gives a bonus to Armormech critical chance.  This is also another case where Sensor Units do not improve this. This is actually the setup I have been using on my Sniper main, with my production Crew Skill as Armormech.


Sith Warriors (SW) gain the most inherent benefit from Synthweaving as they are able to make BOP belts and Bracers for themselves and multiple companions.  It’s important to note that SW class gets a nice boost in critical chance from their companion; however there is a Sensor Unit available that gives the same value.  On my SW I opted to purchase the Sensor Unit in addition to having Jaesa, so that I could produce multiple Synthweaving items at once.



Sith Inquisitors (SI), being Force users like Sith warriors, gain benefits from Synthweaving and Artifice.  Crew members of the SI do not have any great critical production bonuses for either of these production skills, and I would recommend simply picking whatever the player enjoys most, or if the character is an Alt, to pick whatever crew skills they are deficient in. 

Production Crew Skill Highlights

Cybertech produces Earpieces, Ship parts, and item modifications in the form of Armorings and Mods.  Cybertechs can learn various ilvl 61 recipes for both Earpieces and the item modifications, all of which are big ticket sellers. 

Armstech produces various weapons geared towards tech users as well as barrels.  The barrels from campaign level weapons out of Denova HM can be learned via Reverse Engineering.  Armstech can also make a variety of augments with primary stats in Power, Critical rate, Accuracy, Surge, and Endurance.

Armormech produces various armor for tech users, including some nice starter BOP (Bind on Pickup) items for the fresh 50 looking to start Operations.  Armormech also produces Aim and Cunning augments. 

Artifice produces various Force User Weapons, Generators, Relics,  as well as item modifications in the form of Color Crystals and Enhancements.  Artificers can produce the Campaign level Relics, Hilts, and Enhancements.

Synthweaving produces various armor for Force Users, including some nice starter BOP (Bind on Pickup) items for the fresh 50 looking to start Operations.  Synthweaving also produces Strength and Willpower Augments.

Biochem is sort of a Jack of All trades production skill with all classes benefitting equally from it.  Biochem produces Rakata re-useable Stims, Adrenals, and Medpacs.  Biochem can make Campaign level Implants and Exotech grade consumables.

More on Augments

I want to touch on the changes to Augments both in their creation and their usefulness.  Augments are now produced by various Crew Skill classes as listed earlier, a change from being discovered through Slicing.  Slicing now generates both the parts to create Augments and the Schematics learned to create them.  I wanted to bring attention to the difference between Epic 21 and 22 level Augments.   Currently level 22 Augments are the highest in the game, however level 21 Augments give the same amount of primary stat as the 22s do.  The difference in production costs and attaching costs for a level 21 is also quite different from those of the 22s.

I found that the difference in cost between the 2 types is anywhere from 40-50,000 credits per, depending on prices of materials and kits (this is including a savings of 15,000 per for the attachment process).  For a loss of 1 secondary stat and a savings of around 500,000 credits if you are Augmenting a full set of gear, I think the choice is clear.

Thanks once again to the SWTOR community, and it’s my hope this article provides insight into the market aspects of this game.

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